in Integrated management


Adapting each start-up phase and the services to the company or institution’s own circumstances and requirements.

The start-up plan is of special importance because it includes all the tasks and work that must be done from the time the contract is awarded and involves having the School ready to welcome the children and serve the parents in the best way possible.

  • To do so, it is first necessary to establish a timeline that marks the start and end of all of the actions to be considered such as those related to the facilities and those related to the actual service.
  • Once the management is awarded, the Pre-School launch team is created which includes some of the key personnel on the Pre-School Team.
  • The WorkandLife Group also handles all the procedures with the Regional Department of Education to obtain final administrative authorization and register the School so families may receive early childhood school grants.
  • We also take care of other important points such as the facility inspections, personnel training, registration process, family servicing, reviewing and adjusting the curriculum, among other tasks.