We manage quality Pre-Schools and other family-adapted projects in the most prestigious companies as a work-life balance service.

  • In-company Pre-schools
  • No School Days and Camps
  • Other work-life balance services


We adapt to the needs and special characteristics of each company, offering custom-designed work-life balance services.

We offer a wide variety of solutions for employee childcare through in-company Pre-Schools and Day Care Centers. In addition to covering occasional isolated work-life balance needs, we offer and manage isolated occasional activities for employees and their families for special events and times in an organization.

  • In-company day care centers on special days or occasional periods
  • Day Care Programs
  • No School Days
  • Day camps
  • Parent SOS
  • Open Doors Days
  • Family Days


We collaborate with companies and institutions to help achieve their strategic marketing and human resource goals, enabling them to profit from their employee and customer service policies. We provide and create services focused on childcare to help improve employees’ quality of life by allowing them to balance their work and family lives.

Our commitment is to making companies and employees all succeed through customer solutions for children.