for children of employees

We are the first leisure and free time experience for youth, ages 0 to 14.We make it our goal to grow with each child and their family. Year after year we participate in the child´s development, which leads to our relationship with their family becoming stronger as the families become more involved in our activities.
Day camps

Camps in working environments adapted to the companies´ schedules and needs. The camps consist of themed programs with specialized personnel who are responsible for the children during vacation periods. Parents can monitor how the camp is going through a private blog.

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Overnight camps

Sports and multi-adventure camps for children of employees adapted to the client’s demands. With activities and themes that are typical of a camp, they are staffed with a team of leaders and a coordinator who ensures everything goes well. Plus, parents can read the private blog where information is posted every day on how it’s all going.

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No School Days

Recreational activities at the company’s own facilities or Pre-School or at schools we collaborate with to care for children on days when they have on days when they have school holidays and their parents work. The schedules fit with the official business hours at each company so parents come to the company facilities with their children who are welcomed by our personnel.

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