No School Days

Recreational activities at the company’s own facilities or Pre-School or at schools we collaborate with to care for children on days when they have school holidays and their parents work. The schedules fit with the official business hours at each company so parents come to the company facilities with their children who are welcomed by our personnel.

No School Days programs always follow a theme for all of the activities done with the children. Our No School Days include films, TV contests, storytelling days, detective days... Plus, they are always adapted to the families’ needs considering their interests, schedules and activities.

  • No school day Banco Santander (Altamira pre-school)
  • No school day Banco Santander (Mesena)
  • No school day BBVA (La Isla pre-school)
  • No school day NH Hotels
  • No school day Vodafone
  • No school day Caser
  • No school day  Liberty Seguros