Shopping malls

We are leaders in the management of Children´s Playrooms in shopping malls. Offering outstanding service through Children´s Clubs, entertainment events and workshops specifically designed for kids.. 

  • Kids Marketing
  • Children’s Playrooms
  • Family events and entertainment


We are specialists in the comprehensive management of Children´s Playrooms in shopping malls, hypermarkets and fairs. We provide complete management services so the stores do not need to interfere.

  • Advice on how to distribute the space and furniture.
  • The provision of equipment and materials.
  • Order processing and the assembly of the Children’s Playroom.
  • Permit processing and safety measure supervision.
  • Personnel recruitment, training and management.


We create a wide variety of solutions for targeting families at shopping malls, in companies, at fairs, meetings and for special events. We also offer opportunities for unforgettable, creative and fun activities for the while family.

These moments strengthen the customer´s relationship with the shopping mall, strengthening stronger ties and increased re-visits.

The WorkandLife Group philosophy is focused on adapting to the client´s needs all while ensuring the highest quality of standards and safety with the service offered. Each project is unique to us. We make it our top priority to adapt to each special characteristic and need of each one of our clients from the very beginning.