Day camps

Camps for the children of employees adapted to our clients´ schedules and needs. The camps consist of programs and specialized personnel who are responsible for the children during vacation periods and no school days. Parents can monitor how the camp is going through the camp´s private blog.

We have extensive experience organizing day camps for children of employees. These camps are alternatives that are highly demanded by families to care for their children during Christmas, Easter and summer vacations. Our camps follow an all-around theme for the activities and games in which the children are encouraged to actively participate. This leads to a creative and fun environment where the children can play games and express themselves while placing trust in the group and camp leaders. Sports activities, outdoor activities, swimming and English based activities are some of the main activity focuses.

  • Day camps Banco Santander (Altamira pre-school) y Highlands School Los Fresnos.
  • Day camps Banco Santander (Mesena).
  • Day camps BBVA (La Isla pre-school). 
  • Day camps RTVE
  • Day camps Highlands School El Encinar