Overnight camps

Sports and multi-adventure camps for children of employees adapted the client’s demands. The camps are staffed with a team of leaders and a coordinator who ensures everything goes well and plan for activities and themes that are typical of a camp. Parents can follow along the children’s activities at the camp on the updated daily private blog

A wide range of sports, cultural, recreational and even English activities, if requested, are carried out during the summer months in various rural environments of immense environmental wealth. This service can also be offered exclusively to companies for the children of their employees, adapting it to their needs or as an additional alternative open to other children so they can share the experience with children from other companies.

The activities at these camps are directed by our professional team of recreational coordinators and free time leaders, all certified in various fields of education, sports and adventure activities. The camps offer an opportunity for a child’s first adventurous experience away from home. We are aware that this a very import step in both their and their child’s lives so we make sure to accompany families to the best of our abilities, so we take care of every last detail. From selecting the right housing, equipment, group configurations and food menus, our goal is to make your child’s camp experience as great and comfortable as possible.

  • Overnight camps Corconte Camp.
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