in Integrated management


We carry out in-company Pre-School projects in a comprehensive manner so companies can choose the scope of the services they wish to contract. We believe the service must be in line with the company’s own strategies and be profitable.

The scope of the service the company wishes to contract is established during this phase of the project. The WorkandLife Group carries out the project comprehensively


1. By participating in the project along with the company from the very beginning.
A parent survey, a return on investment study, an analysis of the physical space available, a calculation of the most adequate fee per child, payment collection formulas, alternative solution studies, average local price studies and other consulting work.

2. By developing the plans and offering advice on their development so they fit the educational and operational needs of the daily activities.
We handle all the administrative procedures and advise on the facility construction or remodeling as far as the spatial distribution, construction materials and equipment.

3. By offering comprehensive school management.
With our own personnel including student registration processes and communications with parents as well as added services such as food services, cleaning, maintenance, administration.