Management experts

In managing in-company Pre-Schools, WorkndLife seeks to align the interests of the company and the children and their parents with the organization´s employees to guarantee the best quality of service for all individuals involved.

A Pre-School service based on only the highest quality of education for children.

Special attention to parents, adapted to their work environment.

A service adapted to your company that allows its employees to achieve a work-life balance through an efficient resource tool with immense an amount of social impact.


Our organizational design is based on the following premises.

  • Ensuring the highest quality in the childhood education process and the best implementation of the Curriculum.
  • Enabling fluid communication between all members of the learning community. Taking care of personnel training and establishing a work culture to transmit a philosophy of transparency and immediate availability to companies, the families and the children as needed.
  • Guaranteeing the highest safety levels for the children. To do so, we establish rules of operation and make sure they are understood and observed.

To this end, the motto of our work in both the design of the School work processes as well as the decision-making is: “zero risks for the children”.