Parents’ community

Parents and educators benefit from a tool that makes the School’s day-to-day more up-close and communication among all much easier and effective. The Parents’ Community is an integral part of our Pre-School where each member can give their own opinions, share and communicate individually.

Once parents access as registered Community users, they find a structured friendly environment to quickly and intuitively access all the information.

This way, families can experience their children’s time at the School in a more up-close and transparent way. Besides being able to check information of interest at any time, they can share their own opinions and comments with the other Community members.

On the other hand, it’s a way for educators to communicate with the families so they can improve and document the work they do with the children. This adds value on both sides and brings further recognition for the educators’ work.

Our Parents’ Community is a secure environment each user accesses with usernames and passwords.